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Components updated in Dr.Web 12.0 products for Windows

December 13, 2018

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated SpIDer Agent for Windows (, Dr.Web Control Service (, the Dr.Web Updater module (, Dr.Web Scanner SE (, the Dr.Web Anti-rootkit API module (, the Dr.Web Scanning Engine service (, Dr.Web Firewall for Windows driver (, the Dr.Web Protection for Windows self-protection module (, the Dr.Web Thunderstorm Cloud Client SDK module (, the email-templates component (, and the language packs for Dr.Web Security Space 12.0, Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows 12.0, and Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows Servers 12.0. The following installation modules have also been updated: Dr.Web Security Space, Anti-virus for Windows setup ( in Dr.Web Security Space 12.0 and Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows 12.0. This update is caused by adding new features, fixing detected errors, and implementing internal changes.

Changes made to SpIDer Agent for Windows:

  • The possibility to select any file when specifying exclusions of Data Loss Prevention has been added.
  • Steps for generating a report for technical support are now displayed.
  • The issue of displaying the application name for SYSTEM in the Dr.Web Firewall interactive mode when creating a rule has been fixed.
  • The issue of checking digital signatures of Windows Store applications has been fixed.
  • The problem caused the More button to be unavailable if the quarantine contains only backup copies has been fixed.
  • The displaying of the multimedia device classes to be blocked has been supported.
  • The addition of a notification informing the user for whom the Parental Control is configured has administrative rights has been added; This is a notification for the user privileges.
  • An error that caused the overlapping of pop-up notifications has been fixed.
  • An incorrect text message has been fixed. This incorrect message appeared when a user specified an unregistered key as the previous license at the renewal.
  • An issue that caused an emergency shutdown has been fixed.
  • In statistics, saving records on blocking access to an object protected by Data Loss Prevention has been implemented.
  • In the BadUSB keyboard window, the possibility to copy a device ID line has been added.

Changes made to Dr.Web Control Service:

  • The issue that caused the service hang-up has been fixed. This hang-up occurred on an automatic attempt to set system time in Windows 10 if changing it was restricted in settings.
  • The issue of anti-virus settings export has been fixed.
  • A restriction triggering appeared regarding the duration of continuous work at the computer if Parental Control is disabled or not installed has been fixed.
  • The error that caused notifications regarding camera blocking to appear when a camera itself was disabled has been fixed.
  • In the statistics events about outdated databases, an error of displaying the latest update time has been fixed.

Changes made to Dr.Web Scanner SE:

  • The issue of displaying the incorrect number of scanned objects has been fixed.
  • A warning window appears when clicking the Stop button during the scanning process has been added.
  • The issue that prevented objects from being scanned has been fixed.
  • Minor changes have been introduced in the Scanner interface. These changes are aimed to improve localization and displaying of the window elements.

Changes made to Dr.Web Anti-rootkit API:

  • Data Loss Prevention false positive has been fixed. It occurred on disk defragmentation.
  • Work with the Dr.Web Cloud service has been improved.
  • File protection from encryption has been improved.
  • Heuristic analysis algorithms have been improved.

Changes made to Dr.Web Scanning Engine:

  • Scanning and threat neutralizing methods have been improved.

Changes to Dr.Web Firewall for Windows driver (only for Dr.Web home products):

  • The error that caused BSOD emergence has been fixed. The BSOD occurred when Family Safety (the module implemented in Windows 8 and 8.1) was launched.

Changes to Dr.Web Protection for Windows:

  • The error that caused BSOD emergence has been fixed. The BSOD occurred on system scan using the Vba32 anti-virus software.

Changes to the email-templates components:

  • A new notification about blocking access to a directory protected by Data Loss Prevention has been added.
  • The incorrect text in the notification about a locked device has been fixed.
  • Now, numerous Parental Control notifications about blocking access to protected objects can be grouped.
  • In a Preventive Protection notification, the Object field is added.

Changes to Dr.Web Security Space, Anti-virus for Windows setup:

  • The option to select Polish language during the installation process is added.

The update will be performed automatically; however, a system reboot will be required.

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