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How to get support from Doctor Web quickly and effectively

December 14, 2018

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web reminds users that technical support is available free of charge to owners of commercial Dr.Web licenses and asks that costumers provide additional information in their support requests to make sure that their issues get resolved as quickly as possible.

About rules regarding Doctor Web support requests

If you can't find a solution to your problem in our FAQ, with the help of our Telegram bot or on the Dr.Web user forum, you can contact our support service by phone or by using the corresponding web form on our website.

Please refer to our Rules regarding submitting requests to Doctor Web's technical support service to learn what license information you need to provide in your request and where you can find the required information.

Doctor Web wishes you a trouble-free user experience and reminds you once again that should you have any questions or encounter any problems, we are always ready to help you!

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