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Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite server software updated to version 11.0.1

November 19, 2018

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated the server software in Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite to version 11.0.1 (REL-1101 201811120). The update delivers new features and resolves known issues.

Upgrades and improvements:

  • A new section has been added that shows statistical information pertaining to security incidents identified on protected hosts by the Preventive Protection component.
  • Administrators can now receive notifications from hosts connected to neighbouring Dr.Web servers.
  • License reports from neighbouring servers are now available.
  • If a connection is established between the Dr.Web proxy-server and Dr.Web Server, the proxy-server can now be updated automatically.
  • MySQL 8 support has been added.
  • The License Agreement text has been updated.
  • In Office Control, individual access permissions can be defined for devices whose IDs can be specified manually.
  • Expired key files can no longer be specified via the Dr.Web Control Center.
  • The Dr.Web Control Center can now be used to duplicate packet filtering rules in firewall settings.
  • The rules for creating new policy versions and assigning licenses for policies and policy groups via the License Manager have changed.
  • Server statistics now include information about web server queries.
  • Because anti-virus network groups can now be synchronised using Active Directory features under Linux, the Dr.Web Server scheduler now includes Active Directory connection settings.
  • Secure connection parameters can now be specified to look for hosts on the network using Active Directory features.
  • Information about the Dr.Web Server repository’s updating progress and status can now be obtained in real time.
  • Now administrators can remotely modify a single anti-virus component configuration file on Dr.Web-protected machines running Unix-like operating systems.
  • A new URL-filter category has been added for Android devices so that access to sites engaged in crypto mining can be blocked.
  • The Control Center section, Administration ? Backups, now provides information about the backups in var/backup as well as all the backup items created using Dr.Web Server’s scheduler.
  • The Dr.Web Control Center’s Help section has been updated.

The following issues have been resolved:

  • The inability to add objects to the scan exceptions list after restoring them from the quarantine using the “by threat type” filter.
  • The inability to remove a device from the Office Control's whitelist if the settings have been reset.
  • An issue that in some cases could make certain pre-defined groups inaccessible in the anti-virus network view.
  • A problem that interfered with searching for hosts by operating system user name in the anti-virus network view.
  • A defect involving the routine that determines the number of licenses being used for hosts. The issue arose if some hosts were added to custom groups, using existing membership rules.
  • A problem preventing the creation of multiple administrator accounts for authorisation on remote hosts when agent software was being installed over the network.
  • An issue that interfered with NetBIOS name reverse lookups when remote agents were being installed.
  • A local agent installation error.

Polish language support has been discontinued for the product.

The updated Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite is available through the Dr.Web Control Center web interface, where it will appear as an update dated 01.11.2018. The updated distribution files can also be downloaded from Doctor Web's site.

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