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Dr.Web for macOS updated to version 11.1.1

September 11, 2018

Doctor Web has updated Dr.Web for macOS to version 11.1.1. The update makes the anti-virus compatible with macOS 10.14 and resolves identified errors.

In addition to bringing compatibility with the latest macOS version, the update addresses the following problems:

  • An issue that interfered with exceptions being added to SpIDer Gate's white- and blacklists;
  • A webpage loading problem that could occur while encrypted traffic was being scanned;
  • A defect that could prevent sites in certain categories from being blocked if applications were specified on SpIDer Gate's exceptions list;
  • An issue involving links to the RSS feed for supported languages;
  • A defect involving Spanish UI texts for the Dr.Web Cloud settings.

To update the anti-virus to version 11.1.1, you need to download the new distribution.

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