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Dr.Web Security Space 12.0 public beta-testing is underway

August 29, 2018

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has launched the public beta-testing of its comprehensive anti-virus solution Dr.Web Security Space 12.0. Usability and flexible configuration were the company’s top priorities for the new version. All users wanting to be the first to try out the new features and upgrades of Dr.Web Security Space can get the distribution download link and a key file. The most active beta testers will receive gifts from Doctor Web!

Doctor Web invites all users to participate in the public beta-testing of Dr.Web Security Space 12.0.

The upcoming release of Dr.Web Security Space 12.0 offers many changes that will make the product even more user-friendly.

  • The application's interface has been redesigned. This time we decided to experiment and did everything differently. Now Dr.Web Security Space features its own Protection Center in which all the basic components, settings, and anti-virus statistics are concentrated.
  • The new privacy option can be used to disable or allow the use of PC cameras and microphones.
  • The new version also offers a novel approach to preventive protection, which is now maintained by three modules: the activity monitor, the ransomware fighter, and the anti-exploit module. The modules' operation is also highly customisable.
  • The data loss prevention feature has been revamped. Now you can disable the modification of folder contents for any applications except those you trust. Furthermore, each computer user can specify which data they want to protect.
  • In addition to pop-up notifications, the anti-virus offers a notification bar that provides access to important information requiring the user's response.
  • The Parental Control module has been upgraded too. Now you can specify the duration of an uninterrupted computer usage session and specify the time for a break. If the option to block access to the computer has been enabled, users can now check how much time they have left. This way, their work at the computer won't be interrupted unexpectedly.
  • You can also specify when the system should be restarted in order to apply high-priority Dr.Web updates.
  • The quarantine and statistics can be cleaned automatically after a specified time period to prevent outdated information from being stored indefinitely.

Doctor Web invites all Dr.Web community members to participate in Dr.Web Security Space 12.0 beta-testing. In keeping with tradition, those testers whose advice and comments prove to be most helpful in making the product even better will receive gifts from Doctor Web. Please note that registration is required to access the beta-testing section.

Please, note that the beta-version of Dr.Web Security Space 12.0 is intended solely for testing and can't be used as a reliable, long-term anti-virus. It is strongly recommended that you remove the application as soon as the testing is complete. Doctor Web shall not be responsible for any issues that may arise on testers' computers in connection with the beta-version.

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