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Doctor Web protects personal data

August 9, 2018

Doctor Web has added a section on personal data protection to We invite users to get acquainted with the pages of the site’s new section and to learn what information Doctor Web collects from users of its anti-viruses and how the company protects this information.

You can find out what principles are involved in protecting the personal data of Dr.Web product users by visiting

News reports about personal data breaches appear regularly in Russian and foreign media. Doctor Web, as a developer of anti-virus software, is aware of the consequences that can arise from data leaks and takes matters pertaining to the protection of user personal information very seriously, acting in accordance with current legislation and the present requirements for protecting data from the latest security threats. In connection with this, a new section devoted to personal data protection has been added to Doctor Web’s site. The new webpages allow users to familiarise themselves with the principles behind Doctor Web’s collection and processing of personal data and the list of legal acts governing the processing of personal data in Russia. Users can find out what data is collected from Dr.Web users in accordance with the license agreement and why, and view detailed information about what services and website sections collect user data and information about the devices that have Dr.Web anti-viruses installed on them. A separate page is dedicated to Dr.Web products that protect personal data.

Doctor Web invites users to familiarise themselves with its new site section about personal data so that they can feel confident their information is being protected. Rest assured — we collect only the data needed to support Dr.Web licenses; we do not share user data without user consent and we do not sell it to third parties.

All of our principles related to collecting and processing data are explained in detail in our Privacy policy.

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