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Components updated in Dr.Web 11.0 products for UNIX

August 1, 2018

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated a number of modules in Dr.Web Anti-virus 11.0 for UNIX mail servers, Dr.Web Anti-virus 11.0 for UNIX Server, Dr.Web Anti-virus 11.0 for Internet Gateways UNIX, and Dr.Web Anti-virus 11.0 for Linux. The updated modules include drweb-configd (11.0.8-1807241744), drweb-common (11.0.6-1807230921), drweb-update (11.0.5-1807201428), drweb-esagent (11.0.7-1807261102), drweb-filecheck (11.0.8-1807261102), drweb-cloudd (11.0.7-1807261102), drweb-httpd (11.0.5-1807242330), drweb-httpd-bin (11.0.5-1807242330), drweb-gui (11.0.6-1807242330), drweb-maild (11.0.6-1807251351), drweb-antispam (11.0.6-1807251351), drweb-vaderetro (11.0.6-1807230921), drweb-icapd (11.0.6-1807242330), drweb-smbspider (11.0.6-1807261102), drweb-smbspider-daemon (11.0.6-1807261102), drweb-smbspider-modules (11.0.6-1807261102) and drweb-snmpd (11.0.4-1807242330). Furthermore, the components drweb-libs32 (11.0.5-1807271058) and drweb-libs (11.0.5-1807271058) have been updated in Dr.Web Anti-virus 11.0 for Linux.

The update delivers new features and resolves known issues.

Specifically, it introduces new version release notifications and upgraded routines for the drweb-antispam component and resolves an issue that interfered with the processing of emails with unspecified character encoding.

The update is performed via the Dr.Web repository.

#update #Dr.Web #UNIX #Linux

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