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Simple and powerful solution we’ve been looking for. New deployments of Dr.Web AV-Desk in Russia

September 14, 2010

In the last two weeks four Russian companies have deployed Dr.Web AV-Desk: “Professionalnie setevie reshenia” (professional networking solutions) and system integrators and two telecom providers — Positiv and Scala Telecom.

The number of system integrators interested in provision of easily accessible and widely popular IT security services for businesses is growing steadily. “Professionalnie setevie reshenia” and “” striving to achieve highest operational efficiency of customers’ IT infrastructures are among such companies. The Internet service from Doctor Web helped them significantly in their efforts.

“Dr.Web AV-Desk frees our customers of long accustomed routines for configuration and monitoring of security of workstations and servers in their networks. The Dr.Web anti-virus service meets all demands of our customers, small and medium businesses. We view the SaaS model as a next step in development of the anti-virus industry”, Aleksei Pekki, the director general of Professionalnie reshenia said.

“We considered alternative offers from other developers and were able to define key aspects important to us as well as to customers who would receive and use services. Dr.Web AV-Desk turned out to be the simple and yet powerful solution we’ve been looking for. When we work with private customers, they often ask if they could get security software on a hire purchase basis. However, selling products on HP involves complex accounting and payment processing routines. Yet the Dr.Web anti-virus service now allows us to reach maximum efficiency in our work with clients”, Sergei Shurkhaev, the general director of Positiv said.

Dr.Web AV-Desk opened up an opportunity for the companies to provide information security software quickly and at low cost. Depending on the required level of security subscribers are offered three subscription packages (Dr.Web Classic, Dr.Web Standard and Dr.Web Premium). They can administer their subscriptions the way they want and no longer need to worry that their licenses will expire as their subscriptions are renewed automatically.

About Dr.Web AV-Desk

Doctor Web was the first anti-virus vendor that offered an anti-virus as a service on the Russian market.

Deployment of Dr.Web AV-Desk allows subscribers of a service provider to use Dr.Web anti-virus as a service: choose a desired subscription period, renew their subscriptions automatically and therefore plan how much they are going to spend on anti-virus security. Providing an anti-virus as a service ensures its instant delivery and easy management of a subscription for home users and business customers. Dr.Web AV-Desk was created in 2007. The number of service providers that deliver the Dr.Web anti-virus service in different regions of Russia and also in the Ukraine, France, Spain, Netherlands, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria and Estonia exceeds 250. Following results shown by the service in 2007 it was named the best product-service by PC Magazine Russia. In September 2008 Dr.Web AV-Desk was awarded the large golden medal of the Siberian Fair as an original technical and telecom solution.

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