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Components updated in Dr.Web 11.5 products for Windows

June 7, 2018

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated Dr.Web Net filtering Service (, Dr.Web Scanning Engine (, Dr.Web Anti-rootkit API (, the self-defence module Dr.Web Protection for Windows (, the Dr.Web Control Service (, SpIDer Agent for Windows ( and Dr.Web Firewall for Windows ( in Dr.Web 11.5 products for Windows. The update delivers minor tweaks and fixes for known issues.

Changes made to Dr.Web Net filtering Service:

  • the service is now more stable when the databases used by the Parental Control and the HTTP monitor SpIDer Gate are being downloaded.

Changes made to Dr.Web Scanning Engine:

  • the anti-rootkit search routines and malware-curing routines in the RAM have been optimised.

Changes made to Dr.Web Anti-rootkit API:

  • an issue that might cause an infinite loop during the scanning process has been resolved.

Changes made to Dr.Web Protection for Windows:

  • a Windows start-up problem on computers with the Wufuc utility has been eliminated.

Changes made to SpIDer Agent for Windows and Dr.Web Control Service:

  • an issue has been corrected that caused the Agent's settings to open incorrectly when a large number of firewall rules had been defined.

Changes made to Dr.Web Firewall for Windows:

  • an error causing a blocking failure in the "Block unknown connections" mode has been corrected;
  • an issue causing the Firewall to terminate abnormally, resulting in network access being blocked for applications, has been fixed.

The update will be performed automatically. However, a system restart will be required.

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