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Retailer-operated network computer equipment needs anti-virus protection

September 21, 2018

Doctor Web invites users to familiarise themselves with its new leaflet on the need to protect POS devices in retailer networks with an anti-virus. Cash registers, terminals, kiosks, and other specialised computers can become exposed to IT threats — our leaflet will help you learn how to avoid in-store equipment infections and minimise business risks.

Learn more about using Dr.Web to protect POS terminals.

Surely many of you have been in a situation where it was impossible for you to pay for a product or a service via a POS terminal. Technical problems? Could be. Business networks are unlikely to inform their customers about an information security incident. At the same time, cash register computers are vulnerable not only to threats crafted specifically to infect business networks, but also to infections caused by generic malware — viruses, encryption ransomware, etc. Such infections result not only in business losses, which means inoperative equipment and paralysed sales processes, but also in the actual threat of customer bank card data leaks.

Doctor Web has prepared a leaflet about POS device security and invites you to familiarise yourself with the ways Dr.Web technologies can be harnessed to protect in-store equipment. You can send this leaflet to your friends and colleagues so that as many people as possible become aware of this underestimated threat.

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