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Dr.Web for Android freeware

September 7, 2010

Doctor Web announced that its product for mobile devices Dr.Web for Android will remain free to use even after expiration of a thirty day trial.

The company also intends to simplify licensing of its products for mobile devices. Dr.Web anti-viruses for Windows Mobile and Symbian OS will no longer be marketed as separate products but will be available as Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite free of charge to users purchasing any Dr.Web product.

Being in high demand in Android-community Dr.Web for Android will still remain as a separate product and is already available for free use without any restrictions.

Meanwhile, malicious programs targeting Android appear in the wild. A new modification of a Trojan that sends paid short messages (Android.SMSSend.2) has been discovered and added to the Dr.Web virus database. The malicious file is available on a bogus web-site and its download starts as soon as a user loads the site’s page.

How to install Dr.Web for Android:

  1. Download the Dr.Web for Android installer.
  2. Connect the mobile device to the computer using a USB data-cable.
  3. Set the device to work as a storage device.
  4. Copy the drweb-600-android.apk onto the SD card.
  5. Disconnect the mobile device from the computer.
  6. Launch any file manager on the device (e.g. you can use ASTRO from the Android Market).
  7. Navigate to the /sdcard directory and find the drweb-600-android.apk file.
  8. Use the application manager to start installation.

Download Dr.Web for Android from the Android Market:

  1. Use your mobile device to go to the Android Market page.
  2. Find and select Dr.Web for Android.
  3. Press Install.

Download Dr.Web for Android

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