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Advanced protection technologies in Dr.Web 11.5

May 31, 2018

The Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has released Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows 11.5. With over a year in development, the updated version incorporates a variety of new threat neutralisation techniques, including those based on machine learning. Dr.Web innovations also provide better protection for UEFI firmware, which is gradually superseding BIOS.

As malicious programs grow in number and diversity, the conventional signature-based detection routines are losing their relevance as a staple in anti-virus security. Over recent years Dr.Web's non-signature technologies have been enhanced and upgraded as a result. Along with the heuristic analyser, Dr.Web also offers unique features such as Origins Tracing for detecting unknown threats and the Fly-Code technology that exposes malware disguised with unsupported packer formats. Furthermore, the Dr.Web Heuristic process acquires up-to-date reputation information from the continually updated Dr.Web cloud; while ScriptHeuristic disrupts the execution of any malicious scripts in browsers and PDF viewers. To extend its array of protected features further, Dr.Web 11.5 has been equipped with detection routines based on machine learning. Now thanks to the cloud, Dr.Web identifies and disarms malware more quickly and accurately. At the same time, the technology provides enhanced security even if the cloud cannot be reached for some reason.

Although UEFI promises better security, experience shows that malicious code that can't be detected with standard routines can be deployed in the firmware as well as in BIOS. Doctor Web was among the anti-virus companies that pioneered BIOS scanning technologies in order to expose Trojan.Bioskit malware. Now, version 11.5 can also scan UEFI firmware.

Dr.Web Preventive Protection has become even smarter and boasts an even smaller number of false positives.

The new Dr.Web version accumulates the entire wealth of Doctor Web's anti-virus security experience. Now the fruits of our programmers' work are readily available to all Dr.Web users.

Find out more about innovations in Dr.Web 11.5.

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