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Components updated in Dr.Web 11.0 products for UNIX

April 25, 2018

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated drweb-spider-kmod (11.0.5-1803231729) in Dr.Web Anti-virus 11.0 for Linux 11.0 and Dr.Web Anti-virus 11.0 UNIX Server; the drweb-smbspider (11.0.4-1804171705), drweb-smbspider-daemon (11.0.5-1804161901) and drweb-common (11.0.5-1804171705) components in Dr.Web Anti-virus 11.0 for UNIX Server; and the drweb-configd (11.0.7-1804031813), drweb-esagent (11.0.6-1804031813), drweb-update (11.0.4-1710102330), drweb-libs (11.0.4-1804171505), drweb-libs32 (11.0.4-1804171505), drweb-openssl (11.0.4-1804061417), drweb-filecheck (11.0.6-1801181629) and 11.0.6-1804242038 components in the products Dr.Web Anti-virus 11.0 for Mail Servers UNIX, Dr.Web Anti-virus 11.0 for UNIX Server, Dr.Web Anti-virus 11.0 for Internet Gateways UNIX and Dr.Web Anti-virus 11.0 for Linux. The update delivers new features and resolves known issues.

Changes made to drweb-spider-kmod:

  • engine extensions have been added for Astra Linux SE 1.5, МСВС 5.0, change 6 - change 8, and GosLinux 6.

Changes made to drweb-smbspider and drweb-smbspider-daemon:

  • support for Samba 4.7 and 4.8 has been introduced;
  • the ability has been added to manage a product once a license expires or when no license key file is available.

Changes made to drweb-common:

  • the update eliminates a problem occurring in some cases when Samba-protected directories were automatically detected during the installation process.

Changes made to drweb-openssl:

  • openssl has been updated to version 1.0.2o.

Changes made to drweb-filecheck:

  • the update has increased module stability.

Changes made to drweb-libzypp:

  • the component updating routine has been optimised for components under Solaris.

The update is performed via the Dr.Web repository.

#update #Dr.Web #UNIX #Linux

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