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Updated Dr.Web Firewall more subtle and useful

August 12, 2010

Doctor Web released the completely reworked firewall incorporated in Dr.Web single-user products of the 6 series for Windows. The main innovation implemented in the firewall is the updatable database of trusted applications. With the pre-defined rules for popular programs and for all Windows system services and applications users no longer need to create them manually.

The list of trusted applications is updated regularly providing automation of the firewall’s actions related to programs known to be harmless. The new service for processing all driver messages about network activities will notify the user only about suspicious connection attempts. It also contributes to more stable operation of the firewall even under a heavy load. The new rule creation dialogue now shows only programs unknown to the firewall.

In addition several features that were available in the previous version have been enhanced. Now the firewall operates correctly in multi-user systems, in particular, it supports fast user switching and incorporates the optimized mechanism for interaction with the User Account Control. allowing to avoid multiple system requests after the first authorization.

Besides, compatibility with USB-modems and VPN-connections has been improvised and errors related to integration of the anti-virus with the Windows Security Centre under Windows XP/Vista (Action Center in Windows 7) have been fixed.

Changes have also been done to the user interface. The number of network interfaces displayed in the network connections manager is now unlimited. Users can also create and copy rules in all dialogues.

Errors found in operation of this component have been corrected.

Now Dr.Web firewall is less intrusive, offers simpler rules creation routines and provides stable and reliable protection from network attacks even under a heavy load.

The update will be automatically downloaded by Dr.Web Security Space Pro and Dr.Web Anti-virus Pro but applying the update will require a system restart.

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