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Dr.Web for MIMEsweeper – a new product from Doctor Web

October 9, 2008

Doctor Web announces launch of sales of its new product — Dr.Web for MIMEsweeper. The new program filters mail traffic for viruses and spam and targets large and medium businesses.

Beta-testing of the new Dr.Web software started in July 2008 in cooperation with Clearswift. Results impressed technical specialists of both companies.

The Dr.Web plugin features anti-spam protection that gives it an edge over competitive solutions. Dr.Web for MIMEsweeper also uses non-signature technology Origins Tracing™ that complements traditional signature-based scan and heuristic analyzer. According to testing results performance of the plugin appeared to be fifty per cent higher than set by standards.

Dr.Web for MIMEsweeper can be of special interest to large and medium businesses from various industries because it detects and disarms malicious objects that would interrupt operation of mail services and become a threat for recipients.

Other advantages of the plugin from Doctor Web are its automatic updating system, easy installation and flexible configuration. If an infected object is detected, the plugin will try to cure it. If the curing option is disabled, such an object will be removed. If several files (even archives) are attached to a message, the plugin will disarm only infected attachments. Clean messages and attachments get to a user unchanged.

“There are over eleven million users of software from Clearswift and protection against malware is in high demand. Testing of our product in cooperation with specialists from Clearswift showed perfect results. Besides, the product has several advantages including the technology for efficient filtering of spam which has become a serious problem for large companies”, Valentine Fedotov, the manager of the business development department of Doctor Web commented upon the release.

Dr.Web for MIMEsweeper can be purchased from partners of Doctor Web on in the e-store of the company.

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