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Components of Dr.Web 6.0 products for Windows updated

July 8, 2010

Doctor Web updated a number of components included in Dr.Web products from the series 6 for single user and server products for Windows (32- and 64-bit). The update also provides several fixes and improvements. Most significant changes have been done to three components of the anti-virus control module (agent), HTTP-monitor and self-protection module.

An error that sometimes might make the agent freeze while it was operational has been fixed. An issue related to incorrect displaying of menu items has been resolved and interaction between the component and quarantine manager has been improved. An option to display scanning notifications, when a system hasn’t been checked for viruses for a long time, has been added. It allows a user to start scanning immediately or postpone the procedure. Besides, the feature enabling installing desired interface language packs for the installed anti-virus has been added. In the self-protection disable dialogue window a user can now choose to output a captcha code in audio if for dome reason he is unable to see a captcha image.

The updated HTTP monitor SpIDer Gate allows changing its settings without breaking an Internet connection. Compatibility with non-standard http-clients has been improved significantly. Logging control already available for other modules of the anti-virus has been implemented for SpIDer Gate too. Now the HTTP monitor can operate in the proxy mode with corresponding settings accessible over the graphical interface and supports native script domain names. Compatibility of SpIDer Gate with the firewall has been improved and the option to scan archives is now disabled by default.

Errors in operation of Dr.Web SelfPROtect that might prevent Dr.Web modules from launching under Windows 7, cause critical system errors while communicating over the network or memory leaks in network services have been corrected. An issue that prevented playing sound notifications by the anti-virus with the self-protection enabled under Windows Vista and later has been resolved. Yet the self-protection mechanism has been enhanced with new routines to counteract malware.

The graphical interface and help system have been improved for all the three components and the automatic updating module.

Dr.Web solutions 6.0 for Windows will be updated automatically. The update will require a system restart.

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