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Dr.Web for Qbik WinGate keeps your network clean

July 7, 2010

Russian anti-virus vendor Doctor Web announced the release of the Dr.Web for Qbik WinGate plugin. This product is integrated with one of the most popular corporate proxy-servers, and, unlike other solutions on the market today, it can scan Qbik WinGate traffic for spam as well as for viruses.

As employees lose work time to cleaning mailboxes full of spam, and system administrators struggle to divide their time between daily routines and tackling viral and spam incidents, the thorough scanning of mail and Internet traffic has become a significant challenge for organizations.

Dr.Web for Qbik WinGate detects and neutralizes any type of Internet threat that could disrupt network operations and breach security systems. The plugin scans HTTP, FTP, SMTP and POP3 traffic.

The product features unique Dr.Web technologies, such as Origins Tracing, that complement the heuristic analyzer for more reliable detection of unknown viruses.

Dr.Web for Qbik WinGate is the only product on the market today for Qbik WinGate that features an anti-spam module. This module requires no training and supports customized actions for different categories of spam and the creation of black and white e-mail address lists. Guaranteed technical support directly from the developer is another significant advantage of this new Dr.Web product.

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