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Components of Dr.Web products for Windows updated

June 28, 2010

Doctor Web updated the SpIDer Guard file monitor and Scanning Engine service included in Dr.Web products for Windows from the 6 series. Upgrades include new scanning and curing algorithms, improve products’ stability and contain some improvements and fixes for a number of known errors.

Now the file monitor SpIDer Guard scans only processes and modules that are actually launched or loaded and ignores system calls to files. Improvements have been done to the quarantine (now it supports a greater number of languages) and the console scanner. The update also improves compatibility with the Windows Security Centre under Windows XP/Vista (Action Center in Windows 7). and error handling algorithm. Curing has also been enhanced for certain file types.

A number of errors that didn’t allow the anti-virus to work properly have been corrected. In particular defects in the procedure for blocking unknown malicious programs launched from removable data storage devices by means of autorun.inf have been corrected. An error that might make the anti-virus increase the CPU load to 100% after updating of virus databases has been fixed. The issue that might cause system freezing and memory leaks has been resolved. Changes have also been done to the algorithm for parsing regular expressions used to specify scan exceptions. Compatibility of products with third-party driver filters has also been improved.

Dr.Web solutions 6.0 for Windows will be updated automatically. The update will require a system restart.

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