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Dr.Web protects Pervoye sentyabrya publishing house against viruses

October 3, 2008

. Doctor Web supplies its anti-virus solutions to Pervoye sentyabrya publishing house. The company issues a wide range of education related periodicals in Russia.

Dr.Web branded solutions provide sound and efficient anti-virus protection for companies from many industries including publishing business. Pervoye sentyabrya publishing house has become another business customer of Doctor Web that ensures security of its local networks and computers of its employees.

In July 2008 the publishing house decided on adopting Dr.Web software and got a prompt and thorough reply from Doctor Web to a corresponding request. Anti-virus experts answered all questions of IT staff of Pervoye Sentyabrya.

”Apart from issuing periodicals for teachers and other printing products we also implement large-scale educational projects requiring substantial IT resources. The latter makes one seriously consider numerous security issues. When it came to buying an anti-virus we searched for a well-known brand of time-tested quality with professional technical support that would also run smoothly on slower computers. Eventually we chose Dr.Web software”, Artem Soloveychik, the editor in chief of Pervoye sentyabrya publishing house said.

Following an agreement between the companies Doctor Web has supplied 150 licenses for Dr.Web Enterprise Suite to the publishing house. Upon a successful deployment all employees of Pervoye sentyabrya will get reliable anti-virus and anti-spam software based on state-of-the-art Dr.Web technologies.

About Pervoye sentyabrya publishing house
Pervoye sentiyabrya is a leading publisher of educational periodicals in Russia. It is an entire educational environment where every Russian teacher finds something interesting.

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