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Dr.Web AV-Desk 10.1 released

December 14, 2017

Doctor Web has released version 10.1 of its Internet service Dr.Web AV-Desk. The updated version incorporates a number of enhancements, and known issues have been resolved.

Dr.Web AV-Desk 10.1 server upgrades include:

  • The addition of the ability to search for hosts by user account;
  • The Agent and Preventive Protection settings are now located in different sections of the Dr.Web Control Center;
  • Agent entries in the anti-virus network tree can now be sorted by various criteria;
  • Some anti-virus network tree data can now be exported;
  • The Dr.Web Server log can now be configured via the Dr.Web Control Center;
  • If the License Manager is used, a license key file can be applied to the Everyone group automatically;
  • The Dr.Web Server task scheduler now supports asynchronous tasks. Also, tasks can now be transferred from the default schedule;
  • Tasks on protected hosts can now be run according to UTC or using the local time zone of the host;
  • Administrators who only operate with specific groups are prohibited from approving new anti-virus network hosts;
  • The host count routine for the group installer has been revamped;
  • Routines for generating installer packages for Linux and macOS have been upgraded to reduce package-generation time and data volume in the cache;
  • Routines for interacting with the Dr.Web Server database have been optimised;
  • The size of a memory-mapped database file can now be adjusted via the Dr.Web Control Center;
  • Web API queries have been optimised for working with administrators, hosts and host groups;
  • The administrator permission section has been redesigned;
  • A primary group can be assigned for a host in accordance with membership rules;
  • The Dr.Web Control Center Help section has been updated.

Resolved Dr.Web AV-Desk 10.1 server issues:

  • An issue allowing an administrator with restricted privileges to roll back server software using a backup;
  • An issue involving incorrect information about error types and actions appearing in the Threats and Errors tables;
  • An issue that could affect the performance of Dr.Web Server and Dr.Web Control Center if tasks were being processed in multi-thread mode;
  • A database shrinking issue that occurred during clean-up operations under Windows;
  • An error that could prevent new hosts from being approved to connect to the Dr.Web Server;
  • A problem resulting in an error when large files were loaded and unloaded via the Dr.Web Control Center's Repository Contents and Quarantine sections;
  • An error that occurred while the number of hosts on the anti-virus network was being determined if the corresponding request had been sent via Dr.Web API—particularly when data was being transmitted to the Dr.Web Mobile Control Center;
  • A defect that interfered with the ability to check the virus database status on protected hosts;
  • A problem that might result in an error in the Quarantine section of the Dr.Web Control Center.

Changes made to the agent software include:

  • Dr.Web AV-Desk Agent ( and the module Dr.Web AVD Agent for Windows supporting Active Directory (11.00.12060) have been updated to the release version.
  • Also resolved was a Dr.Web AV-Desk Proxy (REL-1000-AV 201711250) issue that prevented agent software with no ID from being installed if the proxy server was under heavy load.

Providers should consult Doctor Web specialists in order to upgrade their Internet service. The Dr.Web Anti-virus service software will be updated automatically.

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