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Components of Dr.Web 6.0 products for Windows updated

June 3, 2010

Doctor Web updated the traffic intercepting module, mail monitor and the Scanning Engine service featured by Dr.Web products from the 6 series for protection of Windows workstations (32- and 64-bit).

For the HTTP and mail traffic intercepting modules their compatibility with networking software has been improved. Operation of the components that involves their interaction with SpIDer Mail and SpIDer Gate has been optimized. SpIDer Mail has also undergone changes: its compatibility with the firewall has been improved, interaction of the component with mail clients, servers and Dr.Web quarantine has been optimized, scanning of IMAP traffic has also been improved. Errors that might cause an abnormal termination of the component while processing headers with invalid base64-encoding, prevented the mail monitor from intercepting connections under the 64-bit version of Windows XP and resulted in incorrect saving of the exceptions list have been correcte.

Changes have also been done to the Scanning Engine. Operation of the quarantine has been optimized (it also supports a greater number of languages) and its compatibility with the Windows Security Centre under Windows XP/Vista (Action Center in Windows 7) has been improved. New command line parameters have been added for the console scanner. Errors found in operation of this component have been corrected.

Dr.Web solutions 6.0 for Windows workstations and servers will be updated automatically.

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