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Dr.Web solutions 11.0.4 for Unix updated

October 25, 2017

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated the following products to version 11.0.4: Dr.Web Anti-virus for Linux, Dr.Web Anti-virus for Unix Mail Servers, Dr.Web Anti-virus for Unix Server and Dr.Web Anti-virus for Internet Gateways Unix. The update delivers a new product updating routine as well as new features; it also resolves known issues.

Changes affecting all the products:

  • If a distribution file is used to install the product, the Dr.Web repository's location is specified in the system so that the user can use the location to subsequently update the Dr.Web software.

New in Dr.Web Anti-virus for Linux:

  • Dr.Web LinkChecker is no longer installed by default (it can still be added to the component list during a custom installation).
  • Mail traffic scans can now be controlled via the program's interface.
  • If the product operates as part of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite, the scheduled scan option is disabled and the corresponding settings are no longer available. However, if the ES mode is toggled off in the application, the settings become available again but any skipped scheduled scans won't be run.

Changes in Dr.Web Anti-virus for Linux and Dr.Web Anti-virus for Internet gateways Unix:

  • An issue that interfered with the download of large files over HTTP has been resolved.
  • Also eliminated was a problem preventing users from accessing certain sites over HTTP.

To update Dr.Web for Unix if it was installed from the repository, use your package manager. If you installed Dr.Web using a universal package, download the updated distribution and reinstall the application.

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