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Your video assistant when configuring Dr.Web Parental Control

December 4, 2017

Doctor Web reminds users that the Dr.Web Premium subscription package of the Dr.Web Anti-virus service incorporates a parental control module that helps protect children against exposure to objectionable content. Learn how to configure this component in our new video tutorial.

Use all the features of Dr.Web Parental Control — video tutorial

Parental Control is fairly easy to use, but it can be fine-tuned, so our video will be especially useful for those wanting to provide the most flexible PC and Internet usage rules for their household members.

In addition to whitelists and blacklists, Parental Control incorporates a feature that restricts the amount of time users can spend on the Internet (or on the computer in general)—e.g., to prevent children from using a computer during overnight hours. You can also restrict access to files and folders on the computer or in the local network.

The video tutorial clearly shows what buttons users should click on to get the result they need. In addition, it describes how to correctly protect the Parental Control settings from tampering.

Subscribe to the Dr.Web Premium subscription package, watch our video tutorial, and rest assured that your children are in good hands with Dr.Web Parental Control!

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