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Stream-TV ensures anti-virus security of its subscribers with Dr.Web AV-desk

October 1, 2008

Starting October 1, 2008 subscribers of the an affiliate of Stream-TV in Perm will be able to use Dr.Web anti-virus delivered by means of Dr.Web AV-Desk.

Dr.Web AV-Desk is an Internet service created by Doctor Web for service providers to deliver anti-virus protection powered by Dr.Web for Windows to an unlimited number of subscribers — both home and business customers. The internet-service also provides a tool for centralized management of the delivery process. More than forty providers in Russia have already deployed Dr.Web AV-Desk. The number of subscribers has been growing steadily too.

The affiliate of Stream-TV in Perm announced introduction of the service at the end of September. The company has always paid attention to security of its customers number of which has exceeded fifty thousand.

“Any computer accessing Internet needs reliable protection. Naturally a provider becomes responsible for both services. Dr.Web anti-virus is high-quality time-tested software that ensures security of our networks as well as our subscribers. We expect that Dr.Web AV-Desk will help us improve quality of our services, attract new customers and increase trust of regular ones.”, Mikhail Zhitkov, the head of the affiliated company in Perm said.

All subscribers of Stream-TV in Perm will be able to sign up for the Dr.Web anti-virus service using their personal area at the web-site.

About Dr.Web AV-Desk
The internet service was developed by Doctor Web in 2007. It allows service providers to deliver the anti-virus protection service powered by Dr.Web for Windows to an unlimited number of subscribers. A service provider also receives a tool for centralized management of the delivery process. Deployment of Dr.Web AV-Desk gives subscribers an opportunity to use the anti-virus from Doctor Web as a service: select a desired subscription term (1-36 months) and plan their expenses on anti-virus protection. The innovative model that turns information security software into a service ensures instant delivery of an anti-virus making it extremely easy to renew for any user regardless of his geographical location.

About Stream-TV and its affiliate in Perm
Stream-TV is the largest provider of cable-TV and Internet services in regions of Russia. The first Internet centre started operating in Perm in 1990.

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