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New Doctor Web project: "Ready to combat encryption ransomware!"

May 11, 2017

Doctor Web, the Russian developer of Dr.Web anti-virus software, announces the launch of its latest project—“Ready to combat encryption ransomware!”—and invites all users to complete a survey on whether they are ready for this latest major threat: infection caused by Trojans from the Trojan.Encoder malware family.

The new project, which focuses on combating encryption ransomware, invites users to take a ten-question test to learn how to properly configure Dr.Web in order to fully protect their PCs from becoming corrupted by a Trojan.Encoder program.

Participate in “Ready to combat encryption ransomware!” project to properly configure Dr.Web and protect your files.

Please note that this is not a true exam so you won’t find any right or wrong answers. First and foremost, the project is oriented toward helping users estimate their knowledge of encryption ransomware and learn how to use the whole arsenal of Dr.Web’s protection technologies to combat them.

Any user who takes the test is awarded 100 Dr.Weblings. Survey participants who share information about the project—by reposting project news on Twitter and/or VKontakte —get 10 Dr.Weblings for each link or repost.

Doctor Web invites you to join the project, take the survey, and share information about it with your friends so that as many people as possible become aware of this threat and protect their data from corruption. We are confident: Together we will halt the encryption ransomware invasion.

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