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Take the Total spelling test with Dr.Web on April 8

March 14, 2017

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web invites all Dr.Web community members to join the worldwide Total spelling test on April 8 and verify their literacy in Russian.

Doctor Web invites users to take part in the annual Total spelling test.

The Total spelling test is an annual educational event that has been held since 2004. It aims to draw public attention to the problems of literacy and help people improve their language skills. People who like the Russian language will gather at numerous sites worldwide for the dictation just like they used to when they were schoolchildren.

In 2017, Doctor Web became the official partner of the Total spelling test and invites Dr.Web community members, as well as everyone who dislikes relying on auto-correct features in text processors but wishes to verify their literacy, to join hundreds of thousands of event participants and take the test on April 8.

The event will be held worldwide and will take into account different time zones so everyone who wants to participate can join in, free of charge. You can take the test online at or go to a test center in your neighbourhood. A complete list of testing locations has been published on March 29.

How well do we know the Russian language? Find out with Dr.Web on April 8.

About the Total spelling test

The Total spelling test is an annual educational event during which everyone who wishes to participate can write a dictation. The event is meant to show that literacy is important for everyone; Convince people that although learning Russian can be somewhat difficult, it is still exciting and useful; Unite everyone who can or wants to write and speak in Russian. The first Total spelling test took place in 2004 as an event for students in Novosibirsk. In thirteen years it has grown into a worldwide event. In 2016, over 145,000 people in 732 cities across 68 countries participated in the test. The Total spelling test is a public project maintained by activists and volunteers. The event is organised by the Total dictation fund (Novosibirsk). The text for the test is composed each year by a professional writer. Anyone can participate regardless of age, sex, education, religion, qualification, marital status, interests and political views. Project site:

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