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PC Magazine Russia: Dr.Web AV-Desk – the best product-as-a-service of 2007

Right for publication is given by PC Magazine/RU

April 8, 2008

Dr.Web AV-Desk is named one of the best information security products of 2007 by ”PC Magazine” Russia.

Doctor Web, Ltd. aimed at providing a licenced anti-virus available to any PC user. The solution came as the first Internet service - Dr.Web AV-Desk.

Dr.Web AV-Desk is a unique anti-malware and anti-spam solution. It allows an SP to deliver complex information protection to an unlimited number of subscribers and perform its centralized management. A provider gets a reliable and efficient tool to deliver anti-virus and anti-spam protection to its customers regardless of their geographical position. Installation in an infected system, the highest rate of detection, support of wide range of operating systems — Windows 98–Windows Vista, easy administration and scalability, language independent spam analysis, exceptional stability, efficient use of Internet traffic – these are the main benefits of Dr.Web..

Including Dr.Web AV-Desk in the service package of a provider company that already has mechanisms for fast and high quality delivery of the information security service, will make a company more attractive for customers, network management will become more reliable and, consequently, customer support efficiency will increase as well. Dr.Web AV-Desk allows optimizing operation of the anti-virus for a particular provider network where users get an efficient and automatically updated Dr.Web anti-virus via the local area network.

Corbina Telecom - one of the four largest ISP in Russia with over four hundred thousand subscribers - has deployed Dr.Web AV-Desk pilot project. The solution enables the provider to monitor infection level of subscribers’ PCs, promptly assist its customers dealing with viral threats. Launching the new service has significantly decreased the number of support calls and minimized the quantity of viral events on computers of customers.

Even if subscribers of a provider are numbered in hundreds of thousands, investments in the security by means of Dr.Web AV-Desk are much lower than costs of virus epidemic or increase of technical support staff. However, the service is unique because it can be deployed at no costs at all. Users pay for the protection in small chunks of money monthly which can also be automated.

“Anti-virus and anti-spam protection are no longer just a piece of software but also a constant monitoring of viral activities by trained support staff of a provider and anti-virus vendor adding a user facing a virus threat but lacking skills to handle it on his own. – says Boris Sharov, the Doctor Web, Ltd. CEO.

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