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Dr.Web Enterprise Suite 6.0 beta released

April 29, 2010

Doctor Web launched beta-testing of Dr.Web Enterprise Suite 6.0 designed to provide anti-virus protection in corporate networks of any size. The solution features the updated file monitor SpIDer Guard and two new components – firewall and quarantine. The new version also incorporates numerous bug fixes and improvements.

The completely redesigned SpIDer Guard file monitor provides support of 64-bit versions of Windows and improves performance and efficiency of the anti-virus. Operation of an anti-virus agent included in Dr.Web Enterprise Suite 6.0 beta has been improved significantly.

Features providing protection from unauthorized access from a network, data leak prevention, blocking of suspicious connections on package and application layers by means of the firewall are already available to users of Dr.Web products for protection of workstations and Windows file servers. Now corporate users of Dr.Web can also experience benefits delivered with the new component of the software.

Dr.Web Enterprise Suite 6.0 includes a centrally-managed quarantine allowing a network administrator to view and perform actions to objects quarantined on all machines in the network from his desk.

Now ES also allows controlling agents of Novell Netware, Windows Mobile, Mac OS X, MS Exchange and Lotus. Collection of statistics and other actions can be performed from the Dr.Web Enterprise Suite console.

To make administration easier protected objects can be placed into groups. A network administrator is free to create subgroups for any of the groups as he sees fit.

Upgrades include improved operation of the Dr.Web Enterprise Suite server’s repository, update network installer interface and fixes for a number of known errors. The java-console has been removed from the set of components included into the solution.

Doctor Web welcomes all users willing to participate in the beta-testing of Dr.Web Enterprise Suite.

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