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Components of Dr.Web 6.0 products for Windows updated

April 8, 2010

Doctor Web announced the release of updated components included in Dr.Web series 6 products for protection of Windows workstations (32- and 64-bit). The update incorporates major improvements and fixes of known errors.

The update fixes an error that sometimes might prevent a launch of anti-virus modules under certain OS configurations. Errors that occurred while files on DFS partitions were scanned has also been corrected.

With the updated file monitor SpIDer Guard and Scanning Engine service background scan and checking of loaded modules after updating of virus databases also improve. Errors related to integration of the anti-virus with the Windows Security Centre under Windows XP/Vista (Action Center in Windows 7) have been corrected.

An error of SpIDer Mail when connections interception settings weren't used upon launching of the mail monitor has been fixed.

The updater's error that could result in blocking of the system reboot prompt window after critical updates of the anti-virus has also been corrected. Minor GUI errors have been fixed and usage of flag files and demo licenses has been optimized.

Components of Dr.Web products for Windows of the sixth series are updated automatically by the anti-virus software.

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