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Dr.Web for Qbik WinGate beta released

April 1, 2010

Doctor Web announced that it started beta-testing of its new product – the Dr.Web plugin for the Qbik WinGate proxy-server. This application performs anti-virus scan of HTTP, POP3 and FTP traffic of the proxy-server and maintains security of the built-in SMTP server.

The new product is designed for companies that use the WinGate proxy server from Qbik that provides control, security and e-mail services for Internet-connected businesses.

Dr.Web for Qbik WinGate scans HTTP, FTP and POP3 traffic passing through a WinGate server and checks e-mails and their attachments as they are received by the WinGate SMTP-server.

All the best of Dr.Web technologies that have already proved their efficiency in other products are used for detection of malicious objects. In particular, Dr.Web for Qbik WinGate features the heuristic analyzer for detection of unknown threats. Detected malicious objects can be isolated in the Dr.Web quarantine controlled by the anti-virus plugin as well as in the WinGate quarantine.

High efficiency of the anti-virus scan is mainly achieved by frequent updating of the virus databases with the automatic updating utility launched every 30 minutes.

The plugin can be used with WinGate 6.x.

Doctor Web welcomes all users willing to participate in the beta-testing of Dr.Web for Qbik WinGate.

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