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Dr.Web Security Space 11.0 for Android released

December 14, 2016

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has released the new version of Dr.Web Security Space for Android. The revamped interface, Android 6.0 support, and numerous upgrades designed to make smartphones, tablets, game consoles and smart TVs more secure are now available to the millions of people who use one of the world’s most popular anti-viruses for Android.

The release of Dr.Web Security Space 11.0 provides support for Android 6.0 and full support for Android TV.

Malicious sites are one of the most commonly used resources for spreading Trojans. That's why, in the new version, Dr.Web’s developers enhanced the URL filter that blocks access to malicious sites. The program is now also compatible with Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

The Anti-theft component, which is quite popular with Dr.Web users, received upgrades, too: in Dr.Web Security Space 11 for Android, it can be unlocked with a fingerprint scanner for mobile devices that feature the scanner and run Android 6.0 and later.

Dr.Web for Android TV has been redesigned, too. It now incorporates a new component—the firewall. It will protect devices from unauthorised access, prevent data leaks over a network, control all Internet connections and data transfers, and block suspicious connections and potentially dangerous network activity, e.g., web camera data feeds.

The firewall for smart phones and tablets has also been upgraded. The firewall log can now be used to view all the website addresses the mobile device has attempted to access. The component will also block the download of malicious files over HTTP that attempt to take advantage of a widespread vulnerability known as Stagefright, which has yet to be closed on millions of Android devices.

All Dr.Web security incident notifications are now displayed in a single window so that users can assess the overall security situation and respond to new events in a timely manner.

The Dr.Web Security Auditor is now even better at discovering vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, the application incorporates a number of tweaks including some that improve how Dr.Web for Android operates on rooted devices.

Dr.Web Security Space for Android is available free of charge to Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web Anti-virus license owners. The new version of Dr.Web for Android is also available as part of Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite (for business) and Dr.Web anti-virus service (Dr.Web Premium and Dr.Web Mobile subscription packages).

Dr.Web Security Space для Android


First version of Dr.Web for Android released


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