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Dr.Web 11.0 for Internet-gateways Unix released

December 12, 2016

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web is pleased to announce the release of Dr.Web 11.0 for Internet-gateways Unix. The new version boasts improved performance and stability and comes with a number of upgrades.

Dr.Web for Internet gateways Unix also includes new features:

  • Data from a directory service (OpenLDAP, Active Directory) can be used in traffic scan rules;
  • Scanning of local web-server traffic;
  • Squid proxy support up to version 3.5;
  • An expanded list of categories of websites that can be blocked;
  • Integration with ICAP and HTTP servers that support the ClamAV protocol.

The product also incorporates a revamped web interface. Specifically, administrators can now connect Dr.Web for Internet-gateways Unix to an ES server.

The upgraded command-line interface now offers the following options to:

  • Retrieve key files for registered serial numbers.
  • Scan file systems of devices on which no anti-virus can be installed, remotely over SSH.
  • Roll back virus database updates

In addition, the new version provides accelerated archive scanning and can be integrated with monitoring solutions (Cacti, Zabbix, Nagios and Munin) via SNMP.

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