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Increase your knowledge of botnets!

November 2, 2016

Doctor Web invites its users to read the first issue of the new Anti-virus Times category devoted to botnets. Get information on how botnets are created, how user devices turn into zombies, and how to avoid botnets—straight from the horse’s mouth, from specialists who come into contact with this phenomenon every day.

"Botology" lessons on the pages of the Anti-virus Times

The first issue is devoted to a phenomenon that is recently gaining momentum—mobile botnets. In this case, Android device users are mostly at risk, since it is chiefly this platform cybercriminals are now devoting particular attention to.

"Mobile" botnets can consist of tens of thousands of infected devices and perform various functions—from sending spam to carrying out DDoS attacks on websites. Mobile banking Trojans pose a particularly significant threat to careless online banking users.

Study "botology" and protect yourself and your PC from being drawn into a botnet that can harm you, as well as other users!

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