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Hidden hazards of BYOD

October 27, 2016

Nowadays, employees are increasingly likely to use their personal devices for work. That's why our new Anti-virus Times category will describe information security problems that may arise if people use their personal devices in the office or if they access their corporate environment remotely. The first issue of "The office in your pocket" will talk about the threat of unauthorised access to corporate information when employees use external mobile services.

Many leading companies are actively adopting the BYOD concept, which means that their employees can use their own devices while at work on company premises or to access company information remotely when off site. Experience shows that this significantly increases the amount of time that employees spend at work and makes them more loyal. Meanwhile, it’s common knowledge that viruses often penetrate corporate networks from unprotected personal devices because sometimes employees fail to comply with established security policies and often use external services to store and transfer documents.

The category "The office in your pocket" will describe the risks that a company runs when its employees use external services.

People who use their smartphones, tablets or laptops for work often forget that their devices store valuable information, and criminals are prepared to go to great lengths to get it. The first issue of the new Anti-virus Times category "The office in your pocket" will describe how employee use of external services can have a critical impact on corporate information security.

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