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How to prevent corporate information from being leaked

October 11, 2016

The Anti-virus Times project invites users to discuss why companies around the world are regularly suffering from losses involving “internal use only” data and trade secret information. The first issue of the new category "Secure storage" will introduce readers to statistics showing how employees treat information owned by their employers and give company owners tips on how to protect their corporate information resources.

Others’ business secrets have always been expensive goods on the black market. Obviously, in a century of digital technologies, the image of the criminal has changed: masked thieves who break open safes containing important documents under the cover of darkness, and plunderers of the stagnation period, have been replaced by digital pilferers and cybercriminals who possess cutting-edge technological tools and can be thousands of kilometres away from their target.

Read the new Anti-virus Times category "Secure storage" to learn how to protect corporate information

Why are corporate secrets being leaked with increasing frequency? And how can this be avoided? The first issue of the new Anti-virus Times category will introduce readers to the eye-opening results of polls and research on how employees view security matters and the disclosure of a company’s internal information.

Read the Anti-virus Time

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