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Dr.Web products and Windows 10 Anniversary Update: Up and running!

August 4, 2016

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web informs users that the August 2 release of Windows 10 Anniversary Update had no impact on the operation of Dr.Web products, which continue to maintain the same high level of security as before.

As users may remember, in advance of that date, Doctor Web released the relevant update for Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web Anti-virus 11.0, Dr.Web Anti-virus 11.0 for Windows Servers, Dr.Web 10.0 for MS Exchange, and Dr.Web 11.0 for IBM Lotus Domino.

Doctor Web is always striving to meet the latest information security requirements and rapidly responds to all changes and innovations introduced by operating system developers like Microsoft Corporation. To accomplish this challenging task, Doctor Web had to tailor the operation of Dr.Web components to ensure their compatibility with the updated Windows 10. The fact that the actual changes often didn't correspond to the tweaks and upgrades that Microsoft announced previously made the challenge even more difficult.

Every Dr.Web update released this summer, including those that required a system restart, made sure that, in the face of a major Windows update, user computers would remain well protected.

All the above-listed Dr.Web 11.0 products for Windows, as well as the Dr.Web Anti-virus service version 11, are fully compatible with all the features introduced by Microsoft with the Anniversary Update.

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