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New video about Dr.Web Katana added to user training materials

July 26, 2016

Doctor Web has a new support page on its website that is devoted to the non-signature anti-virus Dr.Web Katana; the page includes a video tutorial about the product’s benefits.

The non-signature anti-virus Dr.Web Katana is designed to protect your computer against new threats that your anti-virus is not yet equipped to recognise. The new product incorporates an array of next-generation Dr.Web anti-virus proactive protection technologies. Dr.Web Katana monitors all system processes and blocks those that exhibit malicious behaviour.

The video tutorial teaches you why you need the non-signature anti-virus Dr.Web Katana and how to start using it right away!

Doctor Web’s specialists have prepared the video tutorial to help users. The video describes why using the non-signature anti-virus Dr.Web Katana in conjunction with a traditional anti-virus is critical to protecting a system against the latest, active threats. The video also demonstrates how to download and install this new software product.

We invite you to watch the video about Dr.Web Katana! It is already available on the user support page—download it or watch it online.

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