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Real-time threat news


20.04 Doctor Web examines password-stealing Trojan

17.04 Doctor Web discovers a popular fraudulent scheme

13.04 Doctor Web warns of malicious mailing

11.04 Doctor Web: How to deal with mobile subscriptions

17.03 Doctor Web: It is possible to decrypt files encrypted with Trojan.Encoder.10465

03.03 Doctor Web: 50,000,000 users download Google Play application containing aggressive advertising

13.02 Doctor Web discovers new banking Trojan

06.02 Doctor Web detects Trojan for Windows that infects Linux devices

24.01 Doctor Web detects several thousand infected Linux devices

13.01 Doctor Web discovers worm that infects archives and removes other Trojans


16.12 Doctor Web discovers Trojan installing unwanted software and unremovable ads

12.12 Doctor Web discovers Trojans in firmware of well-known Android mobile devices

09.12 Doctor Web discovers new version of Android.Loki Trojans that infects system libraries

17.11 Doctor Web discovers Trojan targeting construction cranes

14.11 Doctor Web discovers a botnet that attacks Russian banks

10.11 Doctor Web registers more than one million downloads of Android Trojan from Google Play

20.10 Doctor Web examines new backdoor for Linux

17.10 Doctor Web presents overview of IoT-oriented Linux Trojans

11.10 Doctor Web discovers first encoder written in Go and develops decryption technique

27.09 Dangerous Linux Trojan family investigated by Doctor Web

20.09 Doctor Web: Android.Xiny Trojans have learned how to infect system processes

13.09 Doctor Web warns about new Trojan for Linux

08.09 Doctor Web discovers Linux Trojan written in Rust

29.08 Doctor Web discovers Windows Trojan that installs fake Chrome browser

19.08 Doctor Web discovers self-spreading Linux Trojan that can create P2P botnets

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